Activist is not the one who says ” River is dirty ” , Activist is the person who ” Cleans up the river ”

Activism is her way of life .

From social media to politics she speaks against this evil system where ever she can , because she believes that evil only succeeds when good people do nothing about it .


She Said ” NO TO CYBER LAW ”

2016 , January she spoke against the draconian bill ” Cyber Crime Bill ” in social media conference held in Lahore . Her speech got viral . It not only affected masses but it also started a new debate on social , print and electronic media .



She spoke against ” Cyber Law ” on many forums including different TV channels . She stood bravely for the rights of social media activists .




Dr Ayesha on Social Media Activism and Govt Harassment

Dr Ayesha Head of PTI Trendsetters raising voice for Social Media Activists and against Harassment by Govt."Who will impose censorship on these ministers. Ye apni kartoot seedhay kab karain gai" – Drash NaveedMust Watch!

Posted by PTI Trendsetters on Montag, 29. Mai 2017


Twitter Activism 

Her twitter activism is her main strength . She is among the top 10 social media activists of Pakistan on twitter .

Most influential twitter users in Pakistan